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Resident FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to have pets?
Pet policies vary for each rental. DO NOT get a pet until you get approval from us. Unfortunately some units do not allow any pets and others may have limits to the amount and kinds of animals allowed. Also there may be additional deposits/fees required so please contact us so we can look at your personal account.

Do I need to put the utilities in my name or will they be included in my rent?

This will depend on your rental agreement. Most of our single family homes and duplexes have separate meters so utilities become the responsibility of the tenant. The tenant must put all utilities in their name upon moving into the unit. In some cases the tenant will have to provide an additional deposit to the utility company to create an account if there is a prior balance or credit is less than ideal. Because we provide property management services for Western Maryland and Southern Central Pennsylvania our rentals utilize many different utility companies. HMC will let you know what company services your unit.

Do you have any rentals that are Section 8?

Yes, sometimes we do have City and County Section 8 rentals available. Please view our available rentals and Section 8 will be listed in the description. If you decide to call our office please mention you are looking for Section 8 housing and if you have a City or County Voucher, and the amount of your Voucher. We can let you know if we have any available rentals.

How do I find out what the school district is for my rental?
You will have to contact the Board of Education for that information.

Is there a fee to apply for a rental?

Yes, there is a $30 non-refundable fee per adult (18 years or older) that will be a full time resident in our rentals. This fee covers the costs for our screening process. We will review each adult’s national credit report, criminal background, verify rental references and verify incomes. Please click here to apply for a rental.

Will HMC provide my unit with replacement light bulbs or heating and air conditioning filters?
No, all lights should be working when you move in and also when you move out. Unless otherwise stated, tenants are responsible for providing their own light bulbs, heating and air conditioning filters, pest control and snow removal.

Can I install Direct TV, Dish Network or Cable into my rental unit?

We will usually Give approval for a Dish if it is to be placed in the yard on a post. But, this is determined on a case by case basis. DO NOT install Direct TV, Dish Network or Cable before getting approval from HMC. Tenants are responsible for paying for all repairs when they vacate the unit including damage caused from dish/cable installation.

How many people can occupy a rental?

There are state and county laws that determine how many occupants can reside in one dwelling. If you have a large family or have multiple roommates and are searching for a rental–contact us so we can make sure to abide by the law and match you with the right property. No one can move into a property without being added to the lease and filling out an application for approval first.

Can I paint, put up a wallpaper border or install a ceiling fan in my rental?

ANY changes to your rental must have approval from HMC in writing. For example painting, wallpaper and borders, or adding large fixtures such as ceiling fans are considered remodeling which will require the permission of the property owner. If approved each tenant is responsible to paint the unit back to a neutral color, remove wallpaper and borders and leave the walls in the same condition they were in when they moved in as the tenant is vacating the unit. If the tenant receives permission to install a ceiling fan then removing it may more damage so you will be expected to leave it in the unit. If you have any questions or are seeking approval to proceed with changes to your rental contact us.

Does HMC do a “Move-In” inspection with the tenant?
Each tenant receives a “Move-In” inspection sheet which they are responsible for completing and returning the Hagerstown Management. If the tenant does not return this document to HMC within the first two weeks of the tenant’s occupancy, then HMC considers the unit to be in good shape with no problems. HMC will not accept photographs as evidence of damage during vacancy since we do not have any way to verify dates.

I moved out of my HMC rental, when can I expect my security deposit?
After taking out damages and unpaid rent, HMC will send its tenants the list of damages and/or the full or partial security deposit no later than 30 days in Pennsylvania or 45 days in Maryland.

Help! I’m locked out of my rental, can I get a key from HMC or should I call a locksmith?
If you can come into our office during normal business hours we will give you a key to take across the street to make a copy. If you can’t make it office, HMC can provide a key to its tenants for a $25 fee during regular business hours. If you require a replacement key after our regular business will charge a fee of $50 for delivering the key. These fees are due upon delivery and must be worked into our schedule. Tenants always have the choice and pay a locksmith – RJ Locksmith 301-797-7878. HMC is never responsible for these charges.

Can I change the locks to my rental?

No, in most cases if a tenant changes a lock or locks without the landlord’s permission then your lease is being violated.

If something breaks in my rental, what is considered an emergency?

HMC has a 24 hour answering service. Call 301-791-6060. If you reach our office after hours, please follow the prompts to reach the Emergency Answering Service. Emergency situations are anything that could cause damage to the rental as a whole or potentially pose danger to the tenant. Examples include any leaking water, broken heating unit or a broken refrigerator. HMC is not responsible for the compensation of any food that spoils.

Will I be charged if something breaks in my rental?

This depends – if the tenant causes damage to the rental or rented appliances, then it will be the responsibility of the tenant to pay for these damages. For example, if your child flushed toys down the toilet and caused a back-up, then you will be responsible for the plumbing fee. If one of your appliances breaks due to normal wear and use, HMC will be responsible for those costs. We have been in the business for a long time and have seen it all, so please DO NOT break something and tell us from wear and tear.

Can I burn candles in my rental?

We do not recommend burning candles in any of our units. Candles are a fire hazard so remember to NEVER leave a candle unattended, especially if children and/or pets are in the unit. Many popular scented candles are made by mixing oils into the candle wax. Candle oils create soot, which will eventually cover walls, carpets, drapes, furniture, and cause other property damage. If you have a question about candles and the damage they can cause, please ask.

I have carpet in my rental, whose responsibility is it to have the carpet cleaned?

It is the tenant’s responsibility to have their carpets cleaned, unless the lease states differently. The tenant must have the carpets cleaned before they move out. If this process is not performed, may be considered damage and deducted from the security deposit. If the carpet cleaning is the responsibility of the landlord as stated in the lease, then HMC will take care of it.